Why Choose Spectralab?

Established in 2003, SpectraLab Scientific Inc. is your one-stop shop for analytical equipment.
We supply our consumers with service contracts, repairs and customized analytical training solutions.

With over 100 years of combined experience, we are experts in our field of repairing, refurbishing, and testing analytical equipment. We employ chemists and ex-industry engineers that have worked directly for Waters, Agilent, Sciex, and Thermo Fisher. We have a huge inventory of equipment and can supply consumers efficiently and effectively with a quick turnover rate and multiple item requests. Unlike equipment brokers, we have all of our equipment on-hand at our facility.

Quality Control

SpectraLab Scientific Inc. has strict protocols and quality control for all instruments sold. We thoroughly check and refurbish our equipment up to the manufacturer’s specifications. A certificate of compliance is issued upon passing performance qualification and is included with a majority of sales. We also receive equipment in “Like-new” condition. If it has passed PQ, it will not require full refurbishing. Much of our equipment is in excellent condition upon arrival.

Customer Support

Unless otherwise stated, we typically sell all equipment with a minimum three month warranty, which includes technical email or telephone support. Additional or extended terms are available upon request. Currently, SpectraLab Scientific Inc. supplies companies, government facilities, and universities worldwide with analytical equipment and can provide references upon request. Our packing team has proficient exporting experience, and we will always include proper documentation with your shipment. We also can provide contacts to help our clients obtain financing if limited funding for a project is available.

We are dedicated to providing the best equipment, pricing and service available to our consumers. By choosing SpectraLab Scientific Inc., consumers looking for equipment can save 30% to 90% compared to market value.

Expert Team

Spectralab Scientific has a team of experienced, skilled, and motivated professionals that can provide the best and most effective lab solutions to our client base worldwide. In terms of education, 20% of our employees and dedicated consultants are above Masters level, 60% have a Bachelor of Arts degree, while the remaining 20% college diplomas. Our team has been working with Agilent, Waters, Perkin Elmer, Sciex, Shimadzu, and Thermo instruments.
We are constantly updating our knowledge with the latest technology and information to enable us to deliver the best support in the industry. We provide value added support and qualification/validation with all our instruments. We endeavor to develop strategic partnerships with our clients so that they consider our team as an extension of their employees. We are an affordable alternative to many normally expensive business projects.

Why Choose Spectralab?

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