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Pre-owned Equipment


SpectraLab Scientific Inc delivers laboratory solutions with the latest scientific technologies. SpectraLab is a growing Canadian company which offers refurbished HPLC's, GC's, GC/MSD or LC(GC)/MS/MS and the products associated and related to these instruments. We offer independent, full service and contract support for your HPLC's, GC's, and related instruments. We also offer competitive rates and quick efficient solutions in order to meet your chromatography needs.We are committed to our customers complete satisfaction of both quality and cost. We are dedicated to becoming one of your reliable suppliers and credible partners.

Waters HPLC, Waters Alliance 2695, 996 PDA Detector, 2487 UV Detector HP 5973 MSD, HP 6890 GC HP / Agilent 6890 GC Varian Unity 300 Wide Bore System
Waters HPLC GC/MS HP / Agilent GC NMR
Start from US$5,000 Start from US$15,000 Start from US$4,500 Call for quote
Agilent / HP HPLC API 2000 Varian GC Dual HTS Pal
Agilent / HP HPLC LC/MS Varian GC Autosamplers & Headspace Autosamplers
Start from US$7,000 Start from US$25,000 Start from US$3,500 Start from US$7,500
TSP HPLC P4000 AS3000 PE Sciex QStar Perkin Elmer GC PE Autosampler Headspace
TSP HPLC Special Deals(1) Perkin Elmer GC Other Autosampler and head space
Start from US$4,000 Start from US$45,000 Start from US$3,500 Start from US$3,500
BioCad Chromatography Workstation Finnigan LCQ LC/MS Fisions GC8000 HP / Agilent Autosampler
BioCad Chromatography Workstation Special Deals(2) Other GC HP / Agilent Autosampler
Start from US$7,000 Start from US$25,000 Start from US$2,000 Start from US$3,500
Shimadzu HPLC HP 5972A MSD, HP 5890 GC HP / Agilent 1100 HPLC Revco Ultima II
Other HPLC Special Deals(3) Special Deals(4) Other Equipment
Start from US$6,000 Start from US$19,500 Call for quote Call for quote

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We accept payments:

wire transfer/Cable, Company cheque/Draft.

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