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Dionex-06-0600 Dionex P680 HPLC System With Dionex P680 Pump,Dionex ASI-100,Dionex PDA-100 and Dionex TCC-100 INQUIRE In Stock Call for Quote
Dionex-06-0630 Dionex IC (Ion Chromatography) system INQUIRE In Stock Call for Quote
Dionex-06-0660 Dionex IC (Ion Chromatography) Components INQUIRE $13,500 USD
Dionex-06-0690 Dionex 580 HPLC System with PDA 100 Detector, P580 Pump, ASI 100 Automated Injector and STH 585 column oven INQUIRE $13,500 USD
Dionex-06-0720 Dionex IC (Ion Chromatography) System with GP50, ED50, EG50 and AS50 INQUIRE In Stock Call for Quote
Dionex-06-0750 Dionex IC (Ion Chromatograph) System with EG40, GP40, AD20 and AS3500 INQUIRE $12,500 USD
Dionex-06-0780 Dionex 580 HPLC System INQUIRE In Stock Call for Quote
Dionex-06-0810 Dionex ICS-1500 ION CHROMATOGRAPHY SYSTEM INQUIRE In Stock Call for Quote
Dionex-06-0840 Dionex DX 100 IC INQUIRE $7,500 USD
Dionex-06-0870 DX-120 Ion Chromatograph INQUIRE In Stock Call for Quote
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