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HP 1090 Liquid Chromatograph

HP 1090 Liquid Chromatograph
  This refurbished HP 1090 Liquid Chromatograph is in great condition. It has been tested at SpectraLab Scientific.


Solvent delivery system

Isocratic, PV5 ternary or quaternary, DR5 binary or ternary


Pressure: 0-400 bar (0-5880 psi).

Flow: 0-5000 µl/min, in 1µl/minsteps

Flow Accuracy: +2% of setpoint or +1 µl/min

Whichever is greater, independent of back pressure and solvents, excluding volume contraction effects

Precision: <0.3% RSD, based on retention time


Precision PV5: +0.25% absolute, peak to peak, water/acetonitrile, 500µl/min, 2500 µl/min

Precision PV5: +0.15% absolute, peak to peak, water/acetonitrile, 50µl/min, 2500 µl/min

Delay Volume

PV5: 1750-2000 µl maximum, dependent on back pressure

DR5: 300-500 µl maximum, dependent on back pressure

Heated Compartment
Solvent and samples are preheated in low-volume (2µl) heat exchanger with optional cooling for sub-ambient operation

Settable Temperature range: 0-100°C in 0.1°C steps.

Controlled temperature range: 20 °C above ambient to 100°C

Temperature stability: +0.5 °C

Injection system
Maximum pressure: 400 bar (5880 psi)

Manual Injector
Rheodyne valves 7125 or 7413, with loops from 0.5 µl to 100 µl


Injection volume: -25 µl (standard), or 0.1-250 µl (optional), in 0.1 µl steps

<1% (typically 0.6%) RSD from 2-25 µl (25 µl syringe);
<1% (typically 0.6%) RSD from 10-250 µl (250 µl syringe)

Sample vials: 0 mL standard, 300 disposable micovial, 100 µl microvial

Minimum Sample volume: 40 µl (2 mL standard vial), 20 µl (300 µl disposable microvial), 5 µl (100 µl microvial)

Auto-sampler: 10 removable magazines with 10 vials each (standard or microvials), with random access time < 10 seconds from any position.

Filter-photometric detector


Interference:254 nm standard, 210,230,269,280,340,430 and 540 nm optional.

Bandwidth:10 nm typically.

Signal Characteristics

Noise: 5x 10 E-5 AU
Drift: <1 x 10 E-3 AU/hour

Signal Ranges

Linear absorbance range: -0.1 to 1.5 AU
Response time: 100,400 and 800(10-90%)

Flow Cell
Stainless steel cell with 4.5 µl volume, 6 mm path length and maximum pressure of 100 bar (1470 psi).

Diode-array detector

Up to eight signals with definable sample and reference wavelength and bandwidth

Signal Characteristics

+3.5 x 10 E-5 AU
Drift: <2 x 10 E-3 AU/hour

Signal ranges

Wavelength range:
190 – 600 nm, in steps of 1 nm
Bandwidth range: 4-400 nm, in stepsof 1 nm
Linear absorbance range: -0.1 to 1.5AU

Spectral ranges 

Wavelength range: 190 – 600 nm
Linear absorbance range: -0.1 to 1.5AU
Scan Time: 10 msec from 190-600 nm


Standard cell: 8 µl, 6 mm, max pressure 120 bar
High sensitivity cell: 13 µl, 10 mm,max pressure 120 bar
Slits: 2,4, and 8 nm selectable

A 90 day warranty is included, Multiple available.

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