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Dionex P680 HPLC System With Dionex P680 Pump,Dionex ASI-100,Dionex PDA-100 and Dionex TCC-100

Dionex P680 HPLC System With Dionex P680 Pump,Dionex ASI-100,Dionex PDA-100 and Dionex TCC-100
  P680 HPLC Pump



Flow rate range

1-10,000 µL/min

Flow rate accuracy and reproducibility

±0.1% at 1 mL/min

Pressure range

0.1–50 MPa (7250 psi)

Pressure ripple

Typically <1%

Proportioning accuracy

±0.5% at 2 mL/min

Proportioning reproducibility

±0.5% at 2 mL/min

Dionex ASI-100 Automated Sample injector



Injection principle

In-line split-loop

Sample capacity

Depending on the vial carrier; carrier with:

3 anal./cylind. segments = 117 vials at 1.8 ml + 3 at 4 ml

3 anal./concial segments = 117 vials at 1.1 ml + 3 at 4 ml

3 mini segments = 192 vials at 1.2 ml + 3 at 4 ml

3 mini segments/Beckmann = 192 vials at 0.25ml + 3 at 4 ml

3 semiprep. segments = 63 vials at 4 ml + 3 at 4 ml

3 Eppendorf segments = 66 vials at 2.0 ml + 3 at 4 ml

3 Eppendorf/concial segments = 66 vials at 1.5 ml + 3 at 4 ml

3 Eppendorf/conical segments = 66 vials at 0.5 ml + 3 at 4 ml

Vial types

Depending on the segment type:

Type 01 (Analyt./Cylindrical):

1.8 ml vials, cylindrical, with crimp cap

Type 01 (Analyt./Conical):

1.1 ml vials, conical, with crimp cap

Type 02 (Mini):

1.2 ml vials, cylindrical, with crimp cap

Type 03 (Semiprep):

4 ml vials, cylindrical, with screw cap

All above vials with silicone/PTFE septa.

Type 02 (Mini/Beckmann):

0,25 ml Beckmann mini vials

(Beckmann part no. 652823)

Type 04 (Eppendorf):

2.0 ml Eppendorf vials

(Eppendorf part no. 0030 120.094)

Type 04 (Eppendorf/Conical):

1.5 ml Eppendorf vials, conical

(Eppendorf part no. 0030 120.086)

Type 04 (Eppendorf/Conical):

0.5 ml Eppendorf vials, conical

(Eppendorf part no. 0030 121.023)

Injection Volume

ASI-100/ASI-100T: 1 - 250 µl in 0.1µl increments

ASI-100P/ASI-100PT: 10 – 2500 µl in 1 µl increments


< 0.1%


RSD < 0.5 %

Flush volume


Sample loss/injection


Min. required sample

5µl (ASI-100/ASI-100T)


Specified RSD < 0.3% at 5µl (250 µl syringe)

Typical RSD < 0.2% at 5 µl 250 µl syringe)

Typical RSD < 1.0% at 1µl 250 µl syringe)

Specified RSD < 0,3% at 100 µL (2500 µl syringe)

Repeat injections

Max. 9 per vial


For a description of the various counters that provide information about the autosampler status

Method Parameters

For a detailed description of the method parameters

Safety features

Overflow/leak sensor, automatic segment detection (when enabled), tray detection/manual interference monitoring (when enabled), automatic vial recognition (i.e., monitoring in case no vial is present at the specified position), electronic needle protection, all mechanical operations internally monitored (injection valve, syringe etc.)

Temperature Control



In the range of 4 - 45°C (39.2 - 113°F)

cooling: -18°C (32.4°F) from ambient

heating: +35°C (63°F) from ambient


LCD, keypad with control elements and function keys for direct control, LED display (7 segments) for retention time indication, LED display (7 segments) plus three LEDs (red/green/blue)

indicating the sample position, 2 LEDs (Load/Inject) indicating the

status of the motorized switching valve, 2 LEDs (cool/heat) indicating the temperature status (ASI-100T/ASI-100PT)

Wetted parts

Stainless steel (1.4571/316SS), PCTFE, PTFE, PEEK, Vespel

Operating pressure

Max. 340 bar (34 MPa) Max 200 bar (20 MPa) with 2.5 ml syringe + corresponding sample loop


2x serial (RS232[A] and RS232 [B]), MSV, Sample Position, Digital I/O

Dionex PDA-100 Photodiode Array Detector



Optical System

Single-beam, reverse-optics design with concave holographic Grating

Light Sources

Deuterium lamp (30 W) for ultraviolet spectrum analysis Tungsten lamp (15 W) for visible spectrum analysis

Photodiode Array

1024 elements

Wavelength Range

190 nm to 800 nm

Pixel Resolution

0.7 nm

Wavelength Accuracy

± 1 nm


± 10 µAU with 2-second rise time, 254 nm, 4 nm bandwidth, and flowing deionized water

± 15 µAU with 2-second rise time, 520 nm, 10 nm bandwidth, and flowing deionized water


< 500 µAU/hour (after warm-up)


> 2 AU

Analog Outputs

Four built-in analog outputs

Voltage Out

1 V output

Analog Output Range

0.0005, 0.001, 0.01, 0.1, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, or 3.0 AU full-scale

Control and DataEvaluation

Provided by PeakNet 6 or Chromeleon software; communication with the detector is via the DX-LAN interface

Cell Body

PEEK or stainless steel

Volume and Optical Path Length

PEEK cell: 13 µL volume; 10 mm (0.394 in) path length

Stainless steel cell: 13 µL volume; 10 mm (0.394 in) path length

Maximum Operating Pressure

PEEK cell: 2 MPa (300 psi)

Stainless steel cell: 3 MPa (500 psi)

Chemical Compatibility

Do not use bases stronger than 0.1 M; they will etch the silica windows of the flow cells. 
Do not use normal phase or chlorinated solvents with the PEEK flow cell; they will damage the cell
Do not use high pH salts with the stainless steel flow cell; they will cause corrosion, contamination, and metal leaching

Dionex TCC-100 Thermostatted Column Compartment





Range of use: Indoor use

Temperature: 10°C to 35°C (50°F to 95°F)

Air humidity: 40 to 85% rel. humidity, non-condensing

Overvoltage Category: II

Polution degree: 2

Operating Conditions

Temperature range: +5°C to +85°C (+41°F to +185°F)

When cooling: max. 15°K from ambient

Temperature Setting

In 0.1°C increments

Temperature Accuracy

± 0.5°C

Temperature Stability

± 0.1°C

Temperature Precision

± 0.1°C

Heat-up/Cool-down Time

Less than 20 minutes from 20°C to 50°C

Less than 20 minutes from 50°C to 20°C

average change per minute: 2-4°K

Column Capacity

3 columns (maximum length: 30 cm)


All functions controllable via LAN or USB

Permanent status transfer

Program-controlled by Chromeleon or stand-alone operation

Switching Valve

Options: 2-position/6-port or 2-position/10-port switching valve

Maximum backpressure: 345 bar (5000 psi)

Switching time: 110 ms


When controlled by Chromeleon:

Dionex AutoQ routines for Instrument Qualification Column identification system for 2 columns

This Dionex 680 HPLC System includes:
  • Dionex P680 HPLC Pump
  • Dionex ASI-100 Automated Sample injector
  • Dionex PDA-100 Photodiode Array Detector
  • Dionex TCC-100 Thermostatted Column Compartment
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