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Dionex Ics-5000 Ion Chromatography System

Dionex Ics-5000 Ion Chromatography System
Dionex Ics-5000 Ion Chromatography System
The Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ ICS-5000+ Reagent-Free™ HPIC™ system with Eluent Generation is the world’s first universal high-pressure IC system. Developed with flexibility, modularity, and ease-of-use in mind, the Dionex ICS-5000+ HPIC system combines the highest sensitivity with convenience.

With the ability to analyze samples at capillary, microbore, or standard flow rates (or any combination of two, in a dual system) at up to 5000 psi, the system is our most adaptable IC. The wide variety of Dionex ICS-5000+ modules allows you to configure an ion chromatography system designed specifically to provide the analytical solutions you need.

Dionex ICS-5000 Dual Pump(DP)




Dual-piston (in series), microprocessor-controlled, constant-stroke, variable-speed, patented isokinetic Eluent Precompression


Chemically inert, metal-free PEEK pump heads and flow path; compatible with aqueous eluents from pH 0–14 and reversed-phase solvents

Pressure Range

0–41 MPa (0–6000 psi)

Flow Rate Range

Analytical: 0.000–10.000 mL/min with settable flow increments at 0.001 mL/min

Capillary: 0.001–3.000 mL/min with settable flow increments at 0.0001 mL/min

Flow Rate Precision


Flow Rate Accuracy

<0.1% at 14 MPa (2000 psi)

Pressure Ripple

Analytical: < 1.0% at 1.0 mL/min typical

Capillary: < 0.2% (with damper) or < 1.0% (without

damper) at 10 μL/min


None required

Vacuum Degasser

Integrated degasser with 1 channel for isocratic pump or 4 channels for quaternary pump; optional

Piston Seal Wash

Automatic operation, standard

Gradient Formation

Quaternary low pressure (Analytical only) or electrolytic eluent generation at high pressure (Analytical and Capillary)

RFIC-EG Gradients

Analytical: 0.1–100 mM

Capillary: 0.1–200 mM

Gradient Profiles

Any combination of an unlimited number of linear, convex, and concave positive and negative gradient profiles

Gradient Proportioning

Accuracy and Precision

(Analytical only)

±0.5% at 2 mL/min

Gradient Mixing

(Analytical only)

Passive mixers for 2 mm and 4 mm ID columns, Optional

Eluent Generation

Eluent generation (RFIC-EG), optional

Eluent On/Off Valve

Electrically-actuated, standard

Leak Sensor

Optical, standard

Dionex ICS-5000 Eluent Generator (EG)



Minimum and Maximum Eluent Concentrations

0.01–100 mM (Analytical)

0.01–200 mM (Capillary)

Flow Rates

0.100–3.000 mL/min (Analytical)

0.001–0.030 mL/min (Capillary)

Eluent Types

Carbonate with pH modifier

Maximum Operating Pressure

35 MPa (5000 psi)

Maximum Solvent Concentration

Cations: None
Anions: 25% methanol

Gradient Profiles

Standard—any combination of an unlimited number of linear, convex, and concave positive and negative gradient profiles

Number of Cartridges Supported

Two—dual cartridge support

Dionex ICS-5000 Detector/Chromatography Module



DC models:

Dual Temperature Model Only

Dual Temperature Model:
independent temperature control

Upper Section Temp. Range: 10–40 °C
Lower Section Temp. Range: 10–70 °C
Temperature Accuracy:  ± 0.5 °C
Temperature Stability: ± 0.2 °C
Temperature Precision: ± 0.2 °C

Lower Zone: (Analytical)

Injection valves: 1 or 2 ea., 6 or 10 port
Up to two column sets, 1–9 mm
Maximum column length: 250 mm
Precolumn heat exchangers: 2

Cap IC Cube: (Optional - but required for capillary chemistries)

1 or 2 IC Cube™ modules hold the following:
Injection Valves: Up to 2 (one per cube) high pressure valves, 4-port, 2 position
EG Degasser
Column and Guard
Carbonate Removal Device
Capillary Suppressor (See Suppressor section)
IC Cubes and cartridges are customer installable with preformed tubing and color-coded labeling
Capillary column heater 15 to 85 °C

Automation Manager: (Optional)

Injection valves: Up to 2 ea., high pressure valves, either 6 or 10 port
Low pressure valves: Up to 2 ea., PTFE, 2 or 3 way
Reaction Coil Heater: Holds up to two reaction coils
Temperature Range: 5 °C above DC, up to 80 °C

Leak detection:

Optical leak sensor

Dionex AS-50 Autosample



Injections Per Vial

1 to 99

Vial Sizes Available

0.3 mL polymer vials (P/N 055428, package of 100)

1.5 mL glass vials (P/N 055427, package of 100)

10 mL PolyVials (P/N 055058, package of 100)

Variable Volume Range

1 to 100 µL in 0.1 µL increments

100 to 1000 mL in 1 µL increments

Injection Loop Size

IC version: 25 µL standard; other sizes are available

HPLC version: 20 µL standard; other sizes are available


Two-position, six-port, electrically-activated Rheodyne valve

IC version: PEEK with Tefzel® rotor seal

HPLC version: Stainless steel with Vespel® rotor seal

Column Switching

Two-position, ten-port, electrically-activated Rheodyne valve

IC version: PEEK with Tefzel rotor seal

HPLC version: Stainless steel with Vespel rotor seal

This Dionex Ics-5000 Ion Chromatography System includes:
  • Dionex ICS-5000 Dual Pump (DP)
  • Dionex ICS-5000 Eluent Generator (EG)
  • Dionex ICS-5000 Detector/Chromatography Module
  • Dionex AS-50 Autosampler
  • A 90-day warranty
This refurbished Dionex Ics-5000 Ion Chromatography System is in great condition. It has been tested at SpectraLab Scientific.

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