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HP 5890 II GC with Gerstel multi-purpose sampler

HP 5890 II GC with Gerstel multi-purpose sampler
HP 5890 II GC with Gerstel multi-purpose sampler
Heated Devices 
-Five heated zonesstandard: Two detectors, Two inlets, one auxiliary 
- Methods stored:Two 

Split/Splitless Capillary 
-Range to 400°C in1°C increments 

-Back-pressuredesign permits independent adjustment of split flow rate without 
affecting columnflow 
-Septum purge builtin at 3 ml/min 
-Accepts columns upto 1.2-mm od 
-Multimode designincludes split and splitless injection 
-Splitless purgetime variable in 0.01-min elements 


Flame Photometric Detector 
-Range to 300 °C 
- 100-530 u idcapillary columns fit through the transfer line to the base of the 
-Two combustionmodes: air/hydrogen or oxygen/hydrogen 
- Detector signaldisplay to view when flame is lit 
-Push-button flameignition 
- Sulfur mode:Sensitivity to 20 pg S/second, Range 103, Selectivity 105 g S/g C 
-o Phosphorus mode:Sensitivity to 0.9 pg P/second, Range 104, Selectivity 106 g 
P/g C 

Column Oven 
-Operating range: 4°C above ambient to 450 °C 

-Setpoint entry: 1°C for temperatures, 0.1 °C for program rates 
-Programming: Rates0.1 to 70 °C per min, 650 min maximum run time, Three 

ramps withinitial/final holds 

This refurbished HP 5890 II GC with Gerstel multi-purpose sampler is in great condition. It has been tested at SpectraLab Scientific.
A 90 day warranty is included.
Installation and extended warranty available upon request.
We are seasoned professionals in this area and we would be happy to have you speak with one of our experts here at SpectraLab.
Thanks for looking and we look forward to hearing from you!
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