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Shimadzu GC-17A GC with FPD

Shimadzu GC-17A GC with FPD
Shimadzu GC-17A GC with FPD
Shimadzu GC-17A GC with FPD
Shimadzu GC-17A GC with FPD
Shimadzu GC-17A GC with FPD


Column Oven

Temperature Range: Ambient +4° C to 450° C (1° C increment)

Double overheat protection: Yes

Number of temperature ramps: 5 (cooling ramp possible)

Temperature program rate: ~ 100° C/min in 1° C increments

Maximum run time: 655 min


Injection Port

Number of individually controlled zones: 2

Temperature range: ~ 450° C (1° C increments)

Temperature Program: Both heating and cooling step program

Double overheat protection: Yes


Auxiliary Heated Zones

One additional temperature-controlled heated zone (AUX1) standard



Three detector zones with individual temperature control

Double overheat protection



Two lines on backlit LCD display: Shows temperatures, times, pressure and other parameters.

This Refurbished Shimadzu GC-17A GC with FPD is in great condition. It has been tested at SpectraLab Scientific.

It comes with the followings:

- Shimadzu GC-17A GC with FPD
- Shimadzu AOC-20i Auto Injector
- Shimadzu AOC-20s Auto Sampler
- Shimadzu CBM-101 Communication Bus Module
- FID Monitor-9A
- PC with Suitable software and all essential cables required for full operation

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