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Shimadzu SIL 10ADVP Autoinjector

Shimadzu SIL 10ADVP Autoinjector



Improved Injection Precision

The SIL-10AVP injects samples from 0.1 µL to 500 µL with high reproducibility and linearity at  volume increments as low as 0.1 µL. You’ll have greater confidence in your results because the SIL-10ADVP offers outstanding precision (C.V. of 0.3% for a 10 µL injection). Precise fluid control delivers sample in 6 nL steps for stable performance. The SIL-10ADVP can reliably automate semi-micro LC analyses or LC/MS analyses

Increased Sampling Capacity

The SIL-10ADVP offers enhanced sampling capacity of 150 samples using 1.0 mL vials. It also enables direct sampling from two 96 or 384-well titer plates (192 and 768 samples, respectively). Additional rack and vial choices include 70 samples x 1.5 mL and 60 samples x 4.0 mL. An optional sample cooler forlabile samples is alos avaialbe with the same 150 sample capacity (1.0 mL vials).

No Sample Loss at Injection and Minimized Sample

The SIL-10ADVP is designed with the sampling needle as part of the flow path. The needle draws precisely the amount of sample required for injection, so no sample is wasted. The sampling


Needle can be rinsed both inside and out and before and after injection. This design virtually eliminates sample carryover and absorption problems.

GLP/GMP Compliance

Built-in validation support function help you comply with GLP/GMP regulations and enhance productivity by reducing the labor required to perform validation tasks. A record for each module’s operation is preserved and can be review on-screen.

Customized Continuous Analysis






Continuous automated analysis is performed according to the condition specified for each sample, including pretreatment, injection and analysis conditions. Advanced sample pretreatment enables automated derivatization, internal standard addition, mixing and dilution for consistent, reliable results, increasing productivity. Priority samples can be inserted at any time during an automated run.

Refrigerated Samples Analyzed Reliably

Install the optional built-in Peltier Sample Cooler to maintain samples at controlled temperatures from 4-35°C. The sample cooler is perfect for cooling biological samples which are thermally labile. It may also prevent evaporation of sample solvents.

This refurbished Shimadzu SIL 10ADVP Autoinjector is in great condition and tested at SpectraLab Scientific.

A 90 day warranty is included.

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