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Shimadzu LC-8A Solvent Delivery Pump

Shimadzu LC-8A Solvent Delivery Pump
Shimadzu LC-8A Solvent Delivery Pump
  Shimadzu's LC-8A solvent delivery pump is extremely versatile, offering a wide flow rate range to easily perform your isocratic analytical to preparative HPLC applications. It may also be used for binary or ternary gradients when teamed with one or two additional Shimadzu LC-8A pumps. The Shimadzu LC-8A's high performance design features dual reciprocating pistons for stable, reproducible flow at both low and high flow rates, pulse compensation to prevent pulsation problems, and a compressibility factor set point to assure flow rate accuracy.




Reciprocating double-plunger type

Flow range

0.1-150 mL/min

Range of constant flow rate control

0.1-50mL/min (10-300 kgf/cm2)

0.1-100mL/min (10-180 kgf/cm2)

0.1-150mL/min (10-80 kgf/cm2)

Accuracy of flow rate setting Flow rate stability

+/-2% (0.5-150 mL/min)
+/-0.5% (0.5-150 mL/min)

Range of constant pressure control

10-300 kgf/cm2

Time programmable items

Flow rate, pressure, ON/OFF of electromagnetic valves, ON/OFF of event outputs

Safety pressure limit

Upper and lower limit

Material of wet parts

Stainless steel (SUS 316), Hastelloy C, Vespel, sapphire, Kel F, Reinforced PTFE

Suction filter

10 µm

Line filter

Double type 2µm and 1µm

Ambient temperature range


The Shimadzu LC-8A pump offers user-friendly single point control from the Shimadzu SCL-10A system controller for flow rate and gradient programming. The Shimadzu LC-8A readily integrates with Shimadzu's Prominence Series of modular HPLC components via fiber optics, allowing it to be teamed with productivity-enhancing instruments such as the Shimadzu FRC-10A fraction collector for advanced peak collection and the Shimadzu SIL-10A autosampler with prep kit for injections of up to 2.0 mL.

The Shimadzu LC-8A is easy to maintain, with simple front access to both pump heads. This pump is offered as part of several attractively priced HPLC packages for your added convenience.

This refurbished Shimadzu LC-8A Pump is in great condition and tested at SpectraLab Scientific. A 90 day warranty included.

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