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HP 5965A IR Detector

HP 5965A IR Detector
  The HP 5965A is a stable, sensitive, low-cost FTIR spectrometer dedicated as a gas chromatography detector. Designed to be easy to use, it makes available capillary GC/FTIR as a routine technique in the chromatography laboratory.

Linked to the HP 5890A gas chromatograph and the HP analytical workstation, the system allows chromatographers to take advantage of the most powerful combination for organic compound analysis, GC/FTIR and GC/MS. The GC/FTIR system produces wavelength chromatograms, which provide almost completely unambiguous identification of functional groups of interest.

Mass chromatograms obtained from a GC/MS system based on HP’s mass selective detector may be displayed and compared alongside GC/FTIR data, and printed out in a single report. FTIR and mass spectral library search results may be integrated to maximize the identification potential.

The unit incorporates a narrow-band mercury cadmium telluride detector which displays extreme sensitivity - it can detect five nanograms of isobutyl methacrylate at a signal-tonoise ratio of 20:1. The specially-designed, pseudo black body radiation source approaches the theoretical maximum at all wavelengths, yet has very low power consumption.

A short, straight, direct capillary interface to the GC enables peaks to elute directly to the flow cell, with a simple single fitting to minimize dead volume. The optics and flow cell path are optimized for high throughput IR transmission.

The complete GC/FTIR system is controlled from the workstation, mostly by single keystrokes. Data are displayed on the screen during the run, and integration and calculations with all standard GC methods, as well as multiple internal standards, peak ratios and multipoint calibration curves, may be used.

Spectral and chromatographic data may be displayed together, and rescale, window and zoom functions optimize interpretation and presentation. Fast library search uses data-banks such as the EPA library of 3300 IR spectra, and user libraries are easy to build and search. There is a wide choice of report formats.

The GC/FTIR combination permits detection and identification of a broad range ofcompounds, including many that are difficult to determine by other means. In forensic science, designer drugs, with minor structural differences that cannot readily be distinguished by mass spectrometry, may be clearly identified. Isomers of hazardous pollutants in environmental samples are again readily differentiated.

The ability of the system to identify trace components will be of especial relevance to the food, flavourings and fragrances industries; while pharmaceutical, industrial and environmental chemists will find particular use of the GC/IRD for fast qualitative screening of mixtures.

Optional sequencing software, with the HP 7673A autosampler, allows up to 100 samples to be analysed automatically without operator intervention.

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