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Berger - Mettler SFC Fluid Control Module (FCM)

Berger - Mettler SFC Fluid Control Module (FCM)
Berger - Mettler SFC Fluid Control Module (FCM)
Berger - Mettler SFC Fluid Control Module (FCM)
Berger - Mettler SFC Fluid Control Module (FCM)
  Berger SFC Fluid Control Module (FCM) is the most sophisticated pumping system ever designed for chromatography. This unequaled pumping system is more than a modified HPLC pump. Proprietary firmware compensates for compressibility of fluids, adiabatic heating and leaks within the system. Dual floating pistons in series virtually ensure stable, pulse free flow. The pump's versatility allows variable stroke volume optimized to the selected flow rate. A peltier-cooled pump head assures precise control of the flow. The pump head's unique design eliminates the mess involved with recirculating antifreeze baths. The dual pump system allows for independent control of pressure, flow, and composition.

Key Features include:
* Independent control of mobile phase flow, composition, and pressure in a single package.
* The patented peltier-cooled pump head delivers superior control.
* Accurate and precise pumping of compressible fluids.
* Automatic compensation for leaks.
* Automatic compensation for adiabtic heating.
* Automatic dynamic compressibility compensation.
* Complete composition programming.
* Electronic back pressure regulator delivers precise pressure control and eliminates fixed restrictors.
* Two highly accurate pressure transducers allow column inlet and outlet pressure monitoring.
* Extensive diagnostics allows for easy trouble-shooting.
* Modular design eases maintenance.
* The pumps and nozzle slide in for easy replacement or upgrade.

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