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Shimadzu SIL-20A HT Autosampler

Shimadzu SIL-20A HT Autosampler
Shimadzu SIL-20A HT Autosampler


A total-volume injection type autosampler, the SIL-20Aenables high-speed injection and high-throughput sample processing withoutwasting sample. It is designed to ensure greater stability, with improveddurability attained through modifications in valves and sample loops. Multiplevial and plate types are supported, and a control vial rack isolates standardsfrom analytical samples.



Injection method

Total-volume sample injection, variable injection volume

Injection-volume setting range

0.1 to 100 µL (standard), 1 to 2,000 µL (option)

Number of processed samples

175 (1mL vials), 105 (1.5mL vials), 50 (4mL vials), two 96-well MTPs, two 384-well MTPs, with ten 1.5mL vials in addition in a separate tray

Injection-volume accuracy

1% max.

Injection-volume precision

RSD: 0.3% max. (for 10 µL injection, under specified conditions)


0.005% max. (naphthalene, chlorhexidine)

Number of repeated injections

30 max. per sample

Needle rinsing

Set freely before and after sample injection.

Operating pH range

pH1 to pH14

Operating temperature range

4°C to 35°C

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