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Hitachi Elite LaChrom HPLC system

Hitachi Elite LaChrom HPLC system



Systemsynchronization, Pump-Autosampler Synchronization (PASS). This uniquefeature means that each injection occurs at exactly the same point in everypump cycle ensuring the best in retention time reproducibility.

Electronic PulseIsolation and Compensation (EPIC). Using two pressure sensors andclosed-loop feedback between pumps provides the ultimate in smooth, precisesolvent flow.

Interchangeable pumpheads. Depending on your application you can switch pump heads foroptimal performance for flow rates from 0.001 to 10 mL/min.

Built-in degasser. Abuilt-in degasser saves bench space and assures trouble-free operation andprecise solvent flow.

Large samplecapacity. 200 standard vials or 3 microtiter plates come standard,optional peltier cooling is also available.

Programmablewavelength switching. Optimize peak detection by changing detectionparameters during a run for the compound you are interested in.

Solvent pre-heatingand cooling. A solvent pre-heating module is employed to reducetemperature gradients inside the HPLC column.


Excellentsignal-to-noise for low detection limits and better quantitativereproducibility.

Fast detectionresponse with low noise for high-speed chromatography such as withChromolith columns.

Sample needle in theflow path design ensures the lowest carry-over and best injectionprofile.


Electronicmaintenance log book for each module automatically records valveusage, seal replacement date, audit trails for method changes, total solventflow between seals, lamp usage, etc.

Built-in leak sensors foreach module ensure a safe system.

Built-in Hg lamp forautomatic calibration and validation.

Lamp energy check withcomplete documentation through software control

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