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ESA Coulochem II 5200 Electrochemical Detector

ESA Coulochem II 5200 Electrochemical Detector
ESA Coulochem II 5200 Electrochemical Detector
ESA Coulochem II 5200 Electrochemical Detector

General Operating Specifications


Configuration Options

1-4 potentiostats (Guard cell potentiostat standard feature)

Operating Modes

DC, Pulse, Scan and Timeline

Potential Range

+  2000 mV in 1 mV steps

Full Scale Current range

100 pA to 100 µA in 1-2-5 sequence

Filter Time Constants

0.2 to 10 seconds in 1-2-5 sequence (DC mode)

Noise Specifications

< 8 pA peak to peak with a 10 MΩ 2µF dummy load and a 2 second filter (DC mode)

Signal Output

+100 mV, + 1 V, + 10 V

Output Resolution

+  16 bit (30 µV at 1 V signal output)

Output Offset

+ 100% of the selected current range in 1% steps

Guard Cell Potential

+ 2000 mV in 1 mV steps

Event Marker

Triggered by independent front panel keypad, rear panel  contact closures, timed operation or RS-232C control, 5% of full scale


Triggered by independent front panel keypad, rear panel contact closures, timed operating or RS-232C control

Function Keys

Autozero, Event Marker, Cell In/Out, Run/Stop

RS-232C Interface Capability

Full parametric instrument control

Method Storage

Up to 10 methods for each mode of operation

Operating Temperature

10 to 35°C


40 to 80% RH (10-35°C)

Storage Temperature

-10 to 60°C

This ESA Coulochem II5200 Electrochemical Detector is in great condition. It has been plugged in,powered up and lights illuminate, but we did not do future testing for it.

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