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Varian Prostar 363 Fluorescence Detector (FLD)

Varian Prostar 363 Fluorescence Detector (FLD)
Varian Prostar 363 Fluorescence Detector (FLD)
Varian Prostar 363 Fluorescence Detector (FLD)
Varian Prostar 363 Fluorescence Detector (FLD)

The ProStar 363 provides the highest sensitivity by using a continuous Xenon lamp. Range is 200 to 730 nm dual monochromator design time programmable excitation and emission wavelength changes continuous Xenon source lampContinuous lamps generate a significantly more stable signal than flashlamps. Consequently, drift and noise are dramatically reduced. The unique optical design of the ProStar 363 permits simultaneous measurement of both emission and excitation signals, thus accurately correcting for lamp fluctuations. The combination of the lamp and optics provide the quietest signal possible, resulting in more reproducible fluorescent measurements.

This Varian Prostar 363 FLD is in great condition. It has been tested at SpectraLab Scientific.

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