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Agilent 1200 Series G1311A Quat Pump

Agilent 1200 Series  G1311A Quat Pump
Agilent 1200 Series  G1311A Quat Pump
Agilent 1200 Series  G1311A Quat Pump
Agilent 1200 Series  G1311A Quat Pump



Hydraulic system

Dual plunger in series pump with proprietary servo-controlled variable stroke drive, floating plungers and active inlet valve

Setable flow

0.001 – 10 ml/min, in 0.001 ml/min increments

Flow precision

£ 0.07% RSD, or £ 0.02 min SD whatever is greater, based on retention time at constant room temperature

Flow accuracy

± 1% or 10 µl/min whatever is greater


Operating range 0 – 40 MPa (0 – 400 bar, 0 – 5880 psi) up to 5 ml/min

Operating range 0 – 20 MPa (0 – 200 bar, 0 – 2950 psi) up to 10 ml/min

Pressure pulsation

pulsation < 2 % amplitude (typically < 1 %), at 1 ml/min is opropanol, at all pressures > 1 MPa (10 bar)

Compressibility compensation

User-selectable, based on mobile phase compressibility

Recommended pH

1.0 – 12.5, solvents with pH < 2.3 should not contain acids which attack stainless steel

Gradient formation

Low pressure quaternary mixing/gradient capability using proprietary high-speed proportioning valve Delay volume 800 – 1100 µl, dependent on back pressure

Composition Range

0 – 95 % or 5 – 100 %, user selectable

Composition Precision

< 0.2 % RSD, at 0.2 and 1 ml/min

Control and data evaluation

Agilent control software (e.g. Chem Station, EZ Chrom, OL, etc.)



Controller-area network (CAN), GPIB, RS-232C, APG Remote: ready, start, stop and shut-down signals, LAN optional

Safety and maintenance


Extensive diagnostics, error detection and display (through control module and Agilent Lab Monitor & Diagnostic Software), leak detection, safe leak handling, leak output signal for shut down of pumping system. Low voltages in major maintenance areas.

GLP features


Early maintenance feedback (EMF) for continuous tracking of instrument usage in terms of seal wear and volume of pumped mobile phase with user-settable limits and feedback messages. Electronic records of maintenance and errors.


All materials recyclable

The HP / Agilent 1200 Series quaternary pump provides high flexibility in solvent mixing and is particularly recommended for method development and for a wide range of research and routine applications.

This Agilent 1200 Series G1311A Quat Pump is in good shape. It has been tested at SpectraLab scientific.

A 90-day warranty is included.

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