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TSP UV 3000 Detector

TSP UV 3000 Detector
TSP UV 3000 Detector
  TSP UV 3000 UV/Vis Detector offer excellent performance and with capabilities of a diode array. It delivers multi-dimensional spectral data for applications raging from trace analysis to preparative, as well as SFC to CE. A unique dual-beam, forward optical design minimizes refractive-index sensitivity by focusing the light beam away from the flow cell walls. The design facilitates low noise and drift. It also provides a wide linear dynamic range, and eliminates stray light. Reference and sample beams are monitored at the same wavelength for a highly accurate differential measurement. The net effect is accurate results at trace levels or at high concentrations.



Wavelength range

190 nm to 800 nm

Wavelength Accuracy

±2 nm

Wavelength Precision

<0.01 nm


6 nm

Absorbance Linearity

5% at 1.8 AU @ 257 nm


UV3000 < 2 ×10-5AU @ 254 nm

Slew Time

0.020 sec


Deuterium and tungsten, pre-aligned

Rise Time

Digital filter, 0.0 to 9.9 sec

Recorder Outputs

3 unattenuated at either 10 mV,

100 mV or 1 V per 2 AU

Remote Controls

Autozero input, 25 pin RS-232


37 ×15 ×47 cm (H ×W ×D)

High Sensitivity Mode

Number of wavelengths monitored: 1–3

Data Rate

24 points/sec


Single wavelength: ± 1 ×10-5AU @ 254

Scanning Mode

Scan Speed: 96–960 nm/sec

Data Rate

96 points/sec


± 2 ×10-5AU @ 254 nm or 546 nm

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