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HP 3396 A/B/C Integrator

HP 3396 A/B/C Integrator
HP 3396 A/B/C Integrator
HP 3396 A/B/C Integrator
  General Information:
Features A/D conversion of continuously integrating dual slope with 100% area conversion input range is -10 mV to +1000mV. Read/write memory is 65536K of static RAM read-only memory is 192K total electronic disk storage is 35584 bytes with a maximum peak storage capacity of 1240 peaks. A full range of methods are available including area% height% normalization and both external and internal standards. Includes up to 63 levels for multi-level calibrations with a choice of curve fits

-BASIC Programming
-Offers 256 kb RAM
-Negative peak integration
-Permanent ink printing and plotting
-Industry Standard RS-232 communications port
-Compound and sample naming
-Multiple-level calibration
-Alphanumeric keypad
-100 percent memory backup
-Built-in sample chromatogram for training use
-2 PCMCIA ports for memory expansion or application programs
-Dual-channel data acquisition and control with HP 5890 and HP 6890 Series GC

This refurbished HP 3396 Integrator is in great condition. It has been tested at SpectraLab Scientific.

A 90 day warranty is included.

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