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Applied Biosystems QSTAR Elite Hybrid LC/MS/MS System

Applied Biosystems QSTAR Elite Hybrid LC/MS/MS System
Applied Biosystems QSTAR Elite Hybrid LC/MS/MS System
Applied Biosystems QSTAR Elite Hybrid LC/MS/MS System
  QSTAR Elite

Bothe ESI Source
Software and PC
Rough Pump
Lots of accessories 

More Coverage in Less Time
Whether you are discovering or identifying protein or
metabolite biomarkers, the QSTAR Elite system gives
you more —up to five times  more peptide, protein, and metabolite coverage—more reliably. This increase in coverage is the direct result of technology innovations in the system hardware, electronics, and software working synergistically to provide unsurpassed LC/MS/MS performance and reliability.

More Performance
The QSTAR Elite system takes QqTOF performance to a new level by providing higher mass resolution, increased mass accuracy, greater sensitivity, faster MS/MS, and increased linear dynamic range. Along with improved workflows and more intelligent data acquisition, these performance enhancements help to ensure that you get more meaningful information from every experiment.

More Reliability
The QSTAR Elite system makes it easier to maintain
day-to-day reliability at peak performance levels. Improved turbomolecular pumps, robust new Analyst
QS 2.0 software, stable ion sources, and the exceptional reproduc-ibility of Tempo™LC systems, combine to give you higher productivity, higher throughput, and more confidence in your results.

More Flexibility
Interchangeable API and oMALDI™ion sources, along with metabolite- and protein-specific biomarker workflows, make the QSTAR Elite system the ideal platform for a wide range of small molecule and proteomics applications. The system provides uncompromised performance for metabolites,
drug candidates, de novo sequencing of peptides, post
translational modification analysis, and the analysis of
noncovalent complexes.

Higher Sensitivity
Sensitivity is essential for confident identification of
proteins and metabolites in biological samples. The
QSTAR Elite system’s Razor™detector, coupled with
high-speed intelligent data collection, increase protein and metabolite coverage, and enable you to identify potential markers that were previously indistinguishable from noise.

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