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Nicolet Magna 860 IR Spectrometer with DTGS Detector

Nicolet Magna 860 IR Spectrometer with DTGS Detector
Nicolet Magna 860 IR Spectrometer with DTGS Detector
  Nicolet's Magna-IR E.S.P. spectrometers once again raise the standard for FT-IR spectrometers. Smart new E.S.P. technology empowers the Magna-IR spectrometer system to set up and monitor its own operation, so you don't have to. Plus E.S.P. offers continuous feedback on system status and spectral quality, step-by-step guidance from data collection through reporting and on-line tutorials on subjects from FT-IR theory to collecting a sample.

Enhanced Synchronization Protocol (E.S.P.) is this synchronization of information between the computer, spectrometer and accessory that makes snap-in experimentation possible Magna-IR E.S.P. FT-IR spectrometers. Nicolet and Spectra-Tech have created a family of E.S.P. accessories that provide automatic accessory recognition and experiment option and parameter set-up for use in these systems: Spectra-Tech's popular ARK and Single Bounce ATR accessories are currently available as are a transmission cell and a blank accessory baseplate you can set to your own custom experiment!

Magna-IR E.S.P. Series performance features include:
  • Operation under the award winning OMNIC software platform
  • Better than 0.09 cm-1 spectral resolution
  • Fiber optic capabilities
  • Superior signal-to-noise performance
  • Expanded spectral domains
Magna-IR E.S.P. Series spectrometers give you experimental flexibility with:
  • FT-Raman accessory module
  • Nicolet/Spectra-Tech FT-IR microscopes
  • GC/IR and TGA/IR interfaces
  • A full range of standard, dedicated and automated accessories
Advanced Experimental Capabilities with the Magna-IR 860 E.S.P.

The new Magna-IR 860 E.S.P. maximizes FT-IR performance for research-grade instruments with an unsurpassed number of advanced features including:
  • Dual channel spectroscopy capabilities
  • Multiple DSP's provide data collection and signal control, eliminating the need for external lock-in amplifiers
The Magna-IR 860 E.S.P. offers complete performance capabilities for several research applications including:
  • Polarization modulation infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy (PM-IRRAS) capabilities
  • Vibrational circular dichroism (VCD) capabilities
  • Vibrational linear dichroism (VLD) capabilities
This refurbished Nicolet Magna 860 IR Spectrometer with DTGS Detector is in great shape. It has been tested at SpectraLab Scientific.

A 90 day warranty is included.

We are seasoned professionals in this area and we would be extremely happy to have you speak with one of our experts here at SpectraLab.

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