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Waters 2475 Multi-Wavelength Fluorescence Detector

Waters 2475 Multi-Wavelength Fluorescence Detector
  The Waters 2475 Multi-Wavelength Fluorescence Detector is a multi-channel, tunable, fluorescence detector designed for HPLC applications. The detector delivers the highest sensitivity and selectivity, whether you are monitoring low concentrations of target compounds or low-level impurities.

Use the Waters 2475 Multi Fluorescence Detector as a stand-alone unit or as an integral part of a Waters chromatography system. It operates from 200 to 900 nm and uses newly designed optics, with an enhanced illumination system, for improved performance. These design features increase the optical throughput and sensitivity resulting in an overall increase in the signal-to-noise ratio.

  • Innovative flow cell designed for less dispersion, less stray light, less volume, and more path length for maximum sensitivity
  • Three-dimensional spectral scanning for faster method development and optimization, and enhanced peak identification
  • Single or multi-channel operation monitors fluorescence at one or more discrete wavelength pairs
  • Axially illuminated flow cell - Allows for better light absorption resulting in highest sensitivity.
  • Advanced optical design - Maximizes light throughput, and reduces light scatter, allowing for better signal-to-noise performance
  • Low noise performance - Less stray light due to orthogonal optics and the use of mirrors, not lenses, minimize scatter
  • Multiple detection modes - 2D, 3D, and on-the-fly spectral scanning can greatly reduce the time needed to develop fluorescence detection methods by quickly determining wavelength maxima
  • Integral erbium calibration reference ensures wavelength accuracy
Wavelength range
Ex: 200 to 890 nm
Em: 210 to 900 nm
20 nm (maximum)
Wavelength accuracy
+3 nm
Wavelength repeatability
+0.25 nm
Sensitivity, single channel
Ex: 350 nm
Em: 397 nm
(Single-to-noise ratio of water Raman peak >1000. Hamming filter TC = 1.5 sec)
Sensitivity setting range
1 to 100,000 EUFS
Filter setting range
0.1 to 5.0 seconds, Hamming (default)
0.1 to 99 seconds, RC
1 to 50 seconds, hamming (default)
1 to 99 seconds, RC

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