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Empower 2 Chromoatography Data Software with key Disk

Empower 2 Chromoatography Data Software with key Disk
Empower 2 Chromoatography Data Software with key Disk
  Empower 2 is Waters' chromatography data software (CDS) package for advanced data acquisition, management, processing, reporting and distribution. Empower 2 simplifies how users collect and report chromatography test results by letting users choose the most appropriate user interface. Whether the needs relate to a pharmaceutical company concerned about data security, compliance and validation, or have a chemical analysis application where ease of use and high system availability are top priorities, Empower 2 can help the lab perform more efficiently.

Key features of Empower 2 include:
Store and retrieve chromatography data using an embedded, relational database.
More precise peak integration calculations with ApexTrack algorithm.
Easily control Waters Acquity UPLC and Alliance HPLC systems as well as third-party HPLC and GC systems.
Enhanced detection capabilities are available when using Waters mass detectors or the Waters Photodiode Array Detector.
Scalable, modular architecture allows seamless growth from a single workstation to an enterprise-wide system.
Designed for a data-secured regulatory lab environment. 
Empower 2 Software enables multi-tasking without using multiple software packages. Users can acquire data and control a variety of instruments, including HPLC, UPLC and GC. Advanced detection techniques, such as MS and PDA, can be applied without outsourcing to a third party. Applications such as dissolution, method validation, integrated chemical structures and polymer analysis, can also be applied.

This Empower 2 Chromatography Data Software is Sealed. Never been opened. It comes with key Disk.

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