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Agilent 5973 Network MSD G2578A (S/N US21863230) with HP 6890 GC

Agilent 5973 Network MSD G2578A (S/N US21863230) with HP 6890 GC
Agilent 5973 Network MSD G2578A (S/N US21863230) with HP 6890 GC
  The Agilent 5973 Network Mass Selective Detector is a stand-alone capillary GC detector. The HP 5973 Mass Selective Detector (MSD) is designed for use with the HP 6890 Series Gas Chromatograph. It features:
  • Either a 90 L/sec vapor-diffusion or a 250 L/sec turbomolecular high vacuum pump
  • Rotary vane foreline pump
  • Independently heated electron-ionization ion source
  • Independently heated hyperbolic quadrupole mass filter
  • High-energy dynode (HED) electron multiplier detector
  • Independently heated GC/MSD interface
  • Power supplies and instrument control electronics
The HP 6890 GC is designed to replace its older version HP 5890 GC. This newer HP 6890 Series gas chromatograph system delivers high levels of performance and features an electronic pneumatics control of all flows and gas pressures. The HP 6890 GC is considered as one of the best (GC) gas chromatograph systems today, producing excellent performance for many applications.  Overall thermal performance of the HP 6890 GC, it provides optimal chromatography including retention time repeatability, peak symmetry, and retention index accuracy, while allowing for fast GC results. The accurate temperature together with its precise pneumatic control leads to outstanding retention time repeatability, the basis for all chromatographic measurement.

HP 6890 GC Capabilities:
  • Dual channel design supports two inlets and two detectors.
  • Full range digital data output enables the smallest and largest peaks to be quantitated in a single run.
  • Full EPC is available for all inlets and detectors. Control range and resolution are optimized for the specific inlet or detector module.
  • EPC with capillary columns provides four column flow control modes: constant pressure, ramped pressure (3 ramps), constant flow, or ramped flow (3 ramps). Column average linear velocity is calculated.
  • Atmospheric pressure and temperature compensation is standard, so results do not change, even when the laboratory environment does.
  • Automatic Liquid Sampling is fully integrated into mainframe control.
  • Set point and automation control can be done from the local keyboard or via a networked data system. Clock-time programming can be initiated from the front panel to initiate events (on/off, method start, etc) at a future date and time.
  • A run time deviation log is created for each analysis to ensure that all method parameters were achieved and maintained.
  • Display of all GC and automatic liquid sampler (ALS) set points at the GC or data system.
The HP 6890 GC is a state-of-the-art gas chromatograph that provides superior performance for all applications. The HP 6890 GC key applications include the following:
  • Biodiesel
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Drug Screening
  • Environmental
  • Food Safety
  • Hydrocarbon Processing
  • Law Enforcement
  • Pesticide Determination
  • Research Laboratories
  • Toxicology
Includes Edwards Turbo Pump EXT 255 HP 180 100-K, Part No. B75304000 R.

This refurbished Agilent 5973 Network MSD G2578A (S/N US21863230) with HP 6890 GC is in great shape. It has been tested at SpectraLab Scientific.

A 90 day warranty is included.

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