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Waters Alliance 2790 HPLC system with Waters 996 PDA Detector

Waters Alliance 2790 HPLC system with Waters 996 PDA Detector
  This refurbished Waters Alliance 2790 HPLC system comes with Waters 996 PDA Detector.

We have other Waters HPLC detectors as option.
Solvent Management
Number of Solvents:
One to four, three with vacuum degas
Solvent Conditioning
Vacuum degas, three solvents plus purge solvent
Typical Operating Flow Rate Range
0.050 to 5.000 mL/min in 0.001-mL/min increments

Programmable Flow Rate Range
0.000 and 0.010 to 10.000 mL/min in 0.001-mL/min increments
Compressibility Compensation
Automatic and continuous
System Delay Volume
<400 µL, independent of backpressure, 1 mL/min
Plunger Seal Wash
Integral, active, programmable
Gradient Profiles
Eleven (11) gradient curves [including linear, step (2 curves), concave (4 curves), and convex (4 curves)]
Dry Prime/Wet Prime
Automatic, front panel control
Flow Ramping
Time (0.01 to 30.00 min in 0.01-min increments) to reach maximum flow rate) to reach maximum flow rate
Maximum Operating Pressure Maximum Operating Pressure:
5000 psi (345 bar) at 0.010 to 3.000 mL/min; Programmable upper and lower limits
Composition Range: 
0.0 to 100.0% in 0.1% increments
Composition Accuracy
±0.5% absolute, independent of backpressure] (Proportioning Valve Pair Test [degassed methanol: methanol/propylparaben, 2 mL/min, 257 nm])
A Composition Precision
<=0.15% RSD or<=0.02 min SD, whichever is greater, based on retention time. (Degassed 60% methanol:40% water Dial-a-Mix, 1 mL/min, six replicates, phenone mix, 257 nm)
Flow Precision
<=0.075% RSD or <=0.02 min SD, whichever is greater, based on retention time (N = 6) or volumetric measures (0.200 to 5.000 mL/min), isocratic premix
Flow Accuracy
<=1% or 10 µL/min, whichever is greater, (0.200 to 5.000 mL/ min), degassed methanol, at 600 psi backpressure

Sample Management


Number of Sample Plates
Total of four plates: 
- Microtiter plate – 96- or 384-well 
- Vial plate – 2.0-mL vial (48) 
- Tube plate – 0.5-mL micro-centrifuge tube (48) or 1.5-mL micro-centrifuge tube (24) 
- Open access plate – 2.0-mL vial (24 or 48)
Sample Temperature Control
4 to 40° C, programmable in 1° C increments
Maximum Sample Capacity
1536 in four 384-well plates
Number of Sample Injections
1 to 99 injections per sample
Sample Delivery Precision
<0.3% RSD, full loop 50 µL. (Default wash/purge conditions, degassed 60% methanol: 40% water Dial-a-Mix, 1 mL/min, six replicates, paraben mix, 257 nm)
Sample Volume Linearity
>0.999% correlation, 5 to 20 µL, partial fill in 50-µL loop, 3-µL pre- and post-sample air gaps (Default wash/purge conditions, degassed 60% methanol:40% water Dial-a-Mix, 1 mL/min, six replicates, paraben mix, 257 nm)
Needle Wash Solvents
Two: wash (strong solvent) and purge (sample- compatible) solvent A
Sample Carryover
<0.01% or <2.5 nL (default wash/purge volumes), whichever is greater. (Blank injection, 25 µL, 60% methanol:40% water, after six replicates, 25 µL propylparaben, 1 g/L, 257 nm)

Water 996 PDA detector
11.5 x 22 inches (29x56 cm)
31 lbs (14.3 kg)
Wavelength range
190 to 800 nm
Wavelength accuracy
+1 nm
Linearity range
5% at 2.0 AU, propylparaben, at 258
Spectral resolution
1.2 nm
Baseline noise
+1.5 x 10-5 AU peak-to-peak, dry, at 254 nm
1 x 10-3 AU/hour at 254 nm (after warm-up)
Flow cells Standard Semi-preparative microbore inert
Pathlength (mm):                            Tubing (I.D.)
                10                                           0.009 in
                3                                              0.040 in
                3                                              0.005 in
                10                                           0.010 in

This refurbished Waters Alliance 2790 HPLC system is in great condition. It has been tested at SpectraLab Scientific.

Can be sold separately upon request.

A 90 day warranty is included. Multiple available.

We are seasoned professionals in this area and we would be happy to have you speak with one of our experts here at SpectraLab.

Thanks for looking and we look forward to hearing from you!
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