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Pre-owned Equipment

HP Agilent 4500 ICP/MS

used HP Agilent 4500 ICP/MS used HP Agilent 4500 ICP/MS used HP Agilent 4500 ICP/MS used HP Agilent 4500 ICP/MS

General Information:

HP/Agilent 4500 Series ICP/MS, features low uptake cross flow nebulizer, platinum interface cones as standard, two separately controlled mass flow controllers for the carrier and blend gas supplies, long life Shield Torch System, twin peristaltic pumps, quartz double pass spray chamber, Peltier cooled spray chamber, mass flow controlled carrier gas supply, turbo pumped three-stage vacuum system, and Omega lens ion optics.

This used HP/Agilent 4500 ICP/MS comes with Auto sampler, and front end ISCO sample introduction, and cooling unit.

Our system includes HP/Agilent 4500 ICP/MS, Computer, Monitor, manual and software.

This used HP/Agilent 4500 ICP/MS is really in a great shape and tested at SpectraLab Scientific. 90 days warranty included.

We are professional to the stuffs. Please call us.

Multiple available

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